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Publishing in Information Systems

Instructors: Manuel Wiesche
Dates: tbd
Location: tbd

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Learning objectives

Participants will learn about the Information Systems discipline including their journals and conferences. They will further learn about the publication process, including how to manage the review process. The course will provide a rough insight in structuring and designing an article, including problematizing and contextualizing and end with general writing tips.


  • Overview of IS research field
  • Understanding the publishing process
  • Structuring and crafting an article
  • General writing tips


In preparation for the course, please read the following articles and prepare a short summary (no more than 3 slides per article) ahead of class:

  • Orlikowski, W. J., & Iacono, C. S. (2001). Research commentary: Desperately seeking the “IT” in IT research—A call to theorizing the IT artifact. Information systems research, 12(2), 121-134.
  • Yoo, Y., Henfridsson, O., & Lyytinen, K. (2010). Research commentary—the new organizing logic of digital innovation: an agenda for information systems research. Information Systems Research, 21(4), 724-735.
  • Alvesson, M., & Sandberg, J. (2011). Generating research questions through problematization. Academy of management review, 36(2), 247-271.
  • Johns, G. (2006). The essential impact of context on organizational behavior. Academy of management review, 31(2), 386-408.