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Study on the contagion of employee turnover in software development projects published in JMIS

The professorship Digital Transformation published a study on IT work in the Journal of Management Information Systems.

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Professorship of Digital Transformation - "The Impact of Social Comparison on Turnover Among Information Technology Professionals", freely accessible in the Journal of Management Information Systems.

The study examines how the immediate social environment influences the turnover behavior of IT professionals and develops a model of social comparison. Using a comprehensive network of more than 4,000 employees, the authors analyze how turnover behavior persists in software development teams over a period of four years. According to the model, a resignation makes the remaining employees more likely to resign, especially if the remaining employees are similar to the resigning employee in terms of skills and characteristics.

The Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS) is one of the top 3 journals in information systems and is listed in the Financial Times 50 (FT50) journal ranking.

The article has been published Open Access. The full version can be accessed via the following link: