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Department of Business and Economics

Participation in the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2024

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The professorship participated in the 57th Hawaii Internation Conference on System Sciences in Honolulu, USA.

Lisa Gussek, Kay Hönemann and Björn Konopka presented three publications:

Gussek, Lisa; Thatcher, Jason Bennet; and Wiesche, Manuel (2024): ”Bad Client Feedback on Digital Labor Platforms: How Freelancers Navigate the Peril Posed by Negative Reviews on Upwork”,

Hönemann, Kay; Konopka, Björn; and Wiesche, Manuel (2024): “The Importance of Separation in the Creation and Usage Phases of Augmented Reality Content Using Social Cognitive Theory”,

Konopka, Björn; Hönemann, Kay; and Wiesche, Manuel (2024): “Investigation of Key Barriers Regarding Adoption and Implementation of Augmented Reality in Industrial Organizations – A Delphi Study”,

The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) is recognized as the longest-established scientific conference in the field of information technology management. Since 1968, HICSS has provided an interactive working environment for top scientists from academia and industry from over 60 countries to exchange ideas in various areas of information, computer and systems sciences. We were able to take away many exciting experiences and insights und make new, interesting contacts.